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Downloading & Printing Membership Cards

03/15/2019 1:48 PM | Pete Webb

Members can print or download membership cards from their member profile. To access your member profile, log in to your site and click the image that looks the silhouette of a person’s head & shoulders to bring up your profile sub-menu.  Select the View profile link that appears directly beneath your name.

Selecting that link will take you to the My profile page where your membership card will appear under the Membership details heading like is show in the demonstration example below

Below the card you will find 2 links.  Select the Image optimized for smartphone link to download an image of your membership card file which you can store on your phone and print later if you choose.  Select the Printable PDF link to download a PDF document containing your membership card which you can print.   To locate additional information about printing a membership card go to

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