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For each ticket purchase transaction, you will receive an Event Registration Confirmed email.  This email is the ticket for yourself and guests (if you included guests in that purchase).  You will need this email on your phone or in hard copy to be admitted to the event. HOUSEHOLD MEMBERS PLEASE NOTE : Guest tickets are in addition to your individual ticket.  For example if you want to purchase a ticket for you and 2 others (total of 3 tickets)  you will be purchasing one for yourself and 2 for each of your guests.  If you've previously purchased a ticket and log back in to purchase 2 more guests tickets you will purchase one for yourself and 1 for the other guest.  I know that 's weird, but that is how this system works.

Otis Cadillac & the El Dorados featuring The Sublime Seville Sisters

  • 05/26/2022
  • 6:00 PM - 8:30 PM
  • Eisenhower Rec Center, 3560 Buena Vista Blvd, TV, FL 32163
  • 67


  • You can purchase 4 tickets maximum which includes yourself. This means 4 tickets at the "Household Membership" rate (1 for you plus 3 for your family members).


About the Otis Cadillac Band: Legendary Octogenarian R&B performer, Otis Cadillac, still performs with the fire and passion that are his trademark. With the talented, explosive Eldorados and the show-stopping Seville Sisters this is, truly, and event you don't want to miss.  The band is indebted to Famous Frank Ward, who's talent conceptualization and wit made THE CADILLAC BAND possible. 

#1 Rock On (David Essex)  - 1973

#2 Don't Let Go (Roy Hamilton ) - 1957

#3 Wooly Bully (Sam Sham Pharaohs) 1965

                                                                       and much much more. 

Watch it till the end.  You'll be up and dancing. 

This old guy FREAKIN ROCKS.  Ya Gotta see this band...

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